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Latest Updates

  1. Active transportation
  2. Adult cannabis prevalence
  3. Adult overweight and obesity
  4. Adult smoking prevalence
  5. Cannabis use during pregnancy
  6. Cannabis use while breastfeeding
  7. Exposure to environmental cannabis smoke
  8. Impact of cannabis legalization
  9. Perception of family violence in the community
  10. Regular cannabis use
  11. Screen time use in children
  12. Self-Reported general health
  13. Self-Reported mental health
  14. Sense of belonging to the local community
  15. Severe sedentary time
  16. Successful quit attempt

About the application

This is an open source project that uses Jekyll, WET, and Chartist.js.

What is the RRFSS Data Explorer?

The RRFSS Data Explorer is a tool that lets you view data on health behaviours, knowledge, and attitudes among Durham Region residents. The Rapid Risk Factor Surveillance System (RRFSS) is a phone survey of Ontario adults age 18 and older. RRFSS collects information on health behaviours, health conditions, and social and environmental determinants of health. The Data Explorer provides an easy way to access and visualize important information collected in RRFSS. The tool shows information across five categories: age, gender, income, municipality and trends over time. This way, you can see public health challenges that exist between groups of people.

About the Health Analytics and Research Team

This project is brought to you by the Health Analytics and Research team at the Durham Region Health Department. We're responsible for population health assessment, evaluation, research, and knowledge exchange within the Health Department. To see more reports on the health of Durham Region residents, please visit the Durham Region health stats page.