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Alcohol Use

Adult Drinking Prevalence

Adherence to the Canadian Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines

No Safe Level of Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy


Effect of Cannabis on Memory Loss

Effect of Cannabis on Concentration

Effect of Cannabis on Mental Health

Effect of Cannabis on Addiction

Effect of Smoking Cannabis on the Lungs

Cannabis Use During Pregnancy

Cannabis Use While Breastfeeding

Support for Restricting Cannabis Advertisements

Support for Sale through Government-Owned Stores

Adult Cannabis Prevalence

Regular Cannabis Use

Impact of Cannabis Legalization

Exposure to Environmental Cannabis Smoke


Newborn Withdrawal from Opioid Use During Pregnancy

Opioid Use During Pregnancy

Opioid Use While Breastfeeding

Risk of Overdosing on Prescription Pain Medication

Risk of Addiction to Prescription Pain Medication


Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Adult Smoking Prevalence

Successful Quit Attempt

Intention to Quit Smoking

Support for Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Dwellings

General Health

Self-Reported General Health

Self-Reported Mental Health

Adult Overweight and Obesity Prevalence

Severe Sedentary Time

Active Transportation

Self-Reported Neighbourhood Walkability

Prevalence of Falls

Perception of Family Violence in the Community

Sense of Belonging to the Local Community

Screen Time Use in Children

Disease Prevention and Health Protection

Bed Bugs Have an Effect on Human Health

Concern About Bed Bugs in the Home

Awareness of the Immunization of School Pupils Act

Awareness of Notifying PHU After Child Receives an Immunization